GUANGZHOU LONG SHANG PLASTIC LIMITED is focusing on application development and sales distribution for medical grade polymers, transparent polymers, antimicrobial polymers and weatherable polymers.

      We supply BACTOSTAT(bacteria repellent plastics), SKYLUX(Engineering Plastics), ACRYLUX(Medical grade GPPS), MSK(MMBS),  TROGAMID Care(Transparent Polyamide), VESTAMID Care(PA12, PEBA), TAIRIPRO(gamma resistant random PP K4520), TAIRILAC(medical grade ABS AG16A1), TAIRILITE(gamma resistant PC AC6000), TOYOLAC(medical grade MABS), CELLENE (Medical grade TPE), ZYLAR(MBS), Purell(medical grade PP & PE) with stock sales and technical support to end users in China.

       We provide ONE-STOP solution of material selection, mold tooling, injection processing, product printing/ finishing/packing and more as you want. 


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