MSK - replacing PCTA,PC in lower cost

MSK - replacing PCTA,PC in lower cost

Model No.︰MSK916

Brand Name︰MSK

Country of Origin︰Hong Kong S.A.R

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Product Description

MSK is an impact modified acrylic copolymer. It has advantages in good clarity, excellent toughness, Bisphenol-A free, high melt flow, low density etc.

Appication : Water tank/dust container of vacuum clearner, tisse-dispenser housing, cool beverage dispenser bowl, toys and personal care products.

Grade No.︰ MSK916

Advantages︰ -Bisphenol-A free
-Meet FDA food grade.
-Good transparency(closing to PC)
-Lower specific gravity than PC by 16%
-Lower processing cost than PC upto 40%
-Easy to mold as GPPS
-High usable regrind upto 100%
-High toughness
-Good printability, coloring, metalizing
-Meet RoHS directives

Applications︰ Toys, Stationary, Home appliance parts, Food contact wares

Standard Met︰ RoHS,WEEE,FDA

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